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Indulge in a world of nail pampering at Aura Beauty, where our range of Nail Services is designed to elevate your Aura of Beauty to new heights. 

Experience the magic of our Builder Gel Polish, a long-lasting, durable choice that not only imparts stunning color but also strengthens your natural nails. If you're looking for fabulous length and shape, our Full Set of Nail Extensions offers both Dura Gel and Acrylic options, giving you the flexibility to achieve your desired look.

Don't forget to treat your feet to the luxury they deserve with our Pedicures. Whether you're seeking relaxation, a touch of glamour, or simply a quick tidy lets have you leaving with your toes looking and feeling incredible.

At Aura Beauty, we believe that your nails should be as exquisite as the rest of you. That's why we're dedicated to providing top-notch nail services that enhance your overall beauty and leave you feeling confident and radiant. Your journey to well-groomed, stunning nails begins here.

Nail Services

Builder Gel Polish $60.00

Reveal nail beauty with our Builder Gel Polish. This service combines strength-enhancing builder gel with your chosen polish for a dazzling finish. Enjoy a hand creme massage for added luxury. 

Backfill $83.00

Maintain the flawless strength and beauty of your nail extensions with our Backfill service. As we expertly backfill the regrowth with the appropriate choice of builder gel, Dura Gel, or acrylic, your nails will continue to look impeccable and resilient.

Builder Gel Polish Maintenance $68.00

Keep your nails looking flawless with our Gel Polish Maintenance service. As your gel polish grows out, it's essential to maintain the integrity and beauty of your nails.

We will expertly:

- Remove your existing gel polish color.
- Trim the length to your preference and carefully shape your nails.
- Gently buff and shape existing builder gel while preserving the natural nail's health.
- Reapply builder gel for enhanced nail strength.
- Apply a fresh coat of gel polish in your chosen shade.

To top it off, we treat your hands to a rejuvenating hand creme massage, leaving your nails and skin feeling indulged.

Full Set Of Nail Extensions $95.00

Enhance your nails with a Full Set of Extensions at Aura Beauty. Your options are limitless: choose between a builder gel overlay, Dura Gel, or Acrylic Nails. During your consultation, we'll help you decide which option suits you best.

Nail Art $POA

Unleash your creativity with our Nail Art service, where the possibilities are endless. Whether you're envisioning glitters, foils, line work, or a stunning array of colors, we've got you covered.

*Please Note: For nail artwork on more than one nail per hand, you need to add this service to your nail booking. 

Spice up your nail appointment and let your nails become your canvas. Prices start from just $5.

Pedicure Services

Gel Polish Pedicure $60.00

Treat your feet to the ultimate pampering with our Gel Polish Pedicure. We'll ensure your toenails are expertly trimmed, and if you have existing gel polish, we'll gently remove it, followed by precise filing and shaping. Your cuticles will be carefully tended to.

Next, indulge in the luxury of choosing your favorite gel polish colour for your toes. Once applied, we'll finish with a moisturizer massaged in to leave your feet feeling soft, smooth, and rejuvenated.

MediHeel Rapid $43.00

Experience the swift transformation of our MediHeel Rapid Pedicure. We'll clip, file, and buff your nails to perfection, and tend to your cuticles with precision using our nourishing Cuticle MD blend. Choose your favorite traditional polish, and enjoy the soothing application of our Foot Perfector Heel Balm, finished with our signature Gold Spritz for a touch of elegance.

MediHeel Revive $78.00

Indulge in the luxurious transformation of our MediHeel Revive Pedicure. 

We begin with a Callus Tonic, a peel designed to gently remove dead skin from your heels and feet. Your nails will be clipped, filed, buffed, and your cuticles expertly cared for. 

Next, we apply a skin-smoothing AHA exfoliator, massaging it into your feet and lower legs, and then blissfully remove it with a hot towel. 

Your choice of Gel Polish or Traditional Polish will be expertly applied, followed by a revitalizing lower leg and foot massage using our Foot Perfector Heel Balm. 

To conclude this rejuvenating pedicure, we apply Cuticle MD and finish with a spritz of our signature Gold Dust, leaving your feet refreshed and radiant.

MediHeel Deluxe $93.00

Elevate your pedicure experience with our luxurious MediHeel Deluxe treatment.

We initiate with a Callus Tonic, a gentle peel that effectively removes dead skin from your heels and feet. Your nails will be expertly clipped, filed, buffed, and your cuticles meticulously cared for.

Prepare for indulgence as we massage a skin-smoothing AHA exfoliator into your feet and lower legs, followed by a soothing removal with a hot towel. We then apply an Ultramud Clay Mask to lock in hydration, ensuring your skin stays refreshed and supple.

Relax and rejuvenate during a foot soak infused with tea tree and rosemary oil, targeting odor-causing bacteria and protecting against fungi.

Choose your preferred Gel Polish or Traditional Polish color for a flawless finish. Before concluding this pampering pedicure, we'll treat you to a revitalizing lower leg and foot massage, using Foot Perfector Heel Balm with nonslip technology, and finish with a spritz of our signature Gold Dust for a touch of elegance. Your feet will thank you for this deluxe experience.

What is Builder Gel Polish?

Our most popular nail service, the Builder Gel Polish, involves applying two coats of builder gel directly to your natural nails. What sets this service apart is our approach to maintenance: each time you return for upkeep, we purposefully leave some builder gel on your natural nails. This not only adds strength, reducing the risk of breakage and chipping, but also safeguards your natural nails from over-filing and potential damage to the nail plate. It's a winning formula for achieving and maintaining beautiful, resilient nails that stand the test of time.

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